Mistress Amanda Dwyer

As Head Mistress and Owner of Salon Kitty's Australia's iconic and internationally recognized BDSM, Fetish and Fantasy Establishment now in its 27th year of operation, I have made my mark as Australia's foremost Dominatrix. My aim has always been to make Salon Kitty's a very special place, a haven for all BDSM and Fetish enthusiasts.

Education - Training - Counseling.
I see myself as a Mistress Educator. I am a qualified sex therapist/counselor and telephone crisis counselor. I have a B.A. in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Health Science specializing in Sexual Health (University of Sydney) and I am a member of The Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers & Therapists. I oversee one of the most versatile Professional Mistress Training Regimes in the world and view 'Master Training' as an essential part of BDSM interaction.

One of my greatest pleasures is to mentor a young woman who wants to be a Pro Domme. My approach is to offer guidance and support, teach the technical side of BDSM and act as a role model for the young woman in her chosen career.
My philosophy with any lady who wants to take up Mistressing as a career is to teach them not to be like me but to develop their own style and let their persona grow and develop over time.

Are you interested in BDSM but don't quite know where to start? Maybe your wife/partner has an interest and you'd like to know a bit
more about it and get some practical experience? Or maybe you or your partner would like someone to guide you through a selection of

I offer PRIVATE personalized training sessions and relationship counseling for men and women (individuals and couples) who want to explore/expand their current knowledge. My training sessions are tailored to an individual/couples needs and areas of interests. I compile a session/s which based on these interests. There is no point in taking up time with activities which have no fascination to you(or your partner).

If you think you may need counseling or you want to understand your sexual fantasies/desires a little better you may find a private confidential consultation will help you shed some light on your interests/feelings. You can email or phone/text me if you want more information.

In truth, psychological sadomasochism mostly takes place in the brain - the ultimate erogenous zone. This is one reason why the anticipation prior to your session is so exciting. My personal interests, approach and methods in BDSM and Fetish are wide and varied - having grown and expanded over the years. I still enjoy the thrill of introducing a novice to BDSM and female domination. I firmly believe that the first step into exploration of fantasies is and always should be a cathartic and sexually satisfying experience. I like to be there to share and be part of your unique introduction and training and pride myself in being able to guide you in the direction you need to go.

If you click on the menu item "Sessions" you will find a very small example of the styles of sessions I have carried out which may give you some ideas for your own session content. In some of these examples I have given a more detailed description of the activities carried out with accompanying photographs.

Frist, I regard discretion and hygiene as paramount, one reason why Salon Kitty's has been held in such high
esteem here in Australia and internationally.

I like to have My slaves under My control in mind and body. When you relinquish all control and responsibility for your behaviour the consent itself is very sexy and a powerful aphrodisiac for both of us. My aim is to give you a variety of sensations which will give you a sexual and emotional freedom which can only be experienced when one is not in control. I respect your limits but enjoy giving you a challenge. I have a strong powerful personality, I am intelligent, sophisticated, and highly skilled in a wide variety of BDSM and Fetish activities. I aim for an intimate and intense physical and emotional experience.

Some of my sessional interests (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Age play – Adult Babies, Mother/son fantasies.
  • Anal tease, dildo training, Fisting.
  • Bondage – light to heavy restraints, latex restriction.
  • Boot, shoe & foot worship
  • Cock & Ball Torture
  • Corporal Punishment – Discipline - light to heavy
  • Couples - fantasies and instruction.
  • Cross Dressing/ Forced Feminization.
  • Dog Training
  • Domestic Discipline - over knee, strap, cane and hair brush.
  • Erotic Tease and Torture – pain/pleasure sensations, body worship.
  • Electric Torture
  • G/S, B/S
  • Fantasy role play.
  • Humiliation – verbal, physical, public display.
  • Interrogation – Military/other.
  • Introduction into BDSM and Salon Kitty's
  • Master/Mistress Training
  • Orgasm Denial
  • School Mistress/school boy/girl.
  • Training - traditional slave, slut, toilet and Maid.
  • Water Sports.

During my career I have appeared in endless local and overseas television documentaries, current affairs programs, chat and panel shows, given countless interviews on radio and to the print media always with one goal in mind - to educate and to demystify the artful practice of Female Domination and BDSM. My aim has always been to assist as many people as possible to feel comfortable in themselves with their chosen form of alternative sexual interests. I have launched books, been consulted by governments, police and researchers. I have acted as spokesperson for the sex industry and been an advocate for sanity in our scene and in the wider sex industry.